Time is everything when printing affordable 3D terrain

Let's be honest, tabletop gaming is not one of the cheapest of hobbies and with rising manufacturing costs, some of the larger players are having to pass costs onto their customers.

For us, one of the biggest factors on the production cost of a print is the time it takes to print. This can be affected by multiple print file settings (heat, infill, layer heights) as well as whether a print needs additional supports - ie, if a model has giant wings -.

Prints are also affected by type of filament used and the speed at which you can reliably print at (reliable being a key word here!)

Then you add all the other costs - like electricity per hour, marketplace fees, wear and tear on the printers (we keep a big stock of spare parts for all our printers) and of course designer fees.

So many countries economies have been struggling and money just doesn't go as far as it used to.  So we have been working very hard to refine and reduce our print times and material usage so that we can continue to offer affordable, quality gaming products (terrain and miniatures).  We've just updated all our terrain prices inline with our new setting and most of them are now much cheaper which is good news for everyday gamers.

Check our latest terrain prices :)