Miniature painting services

We love finding new things to print but we've got so busy recently we've had a bit of a backlog of great new terrain and models we just haven't got around to listing.  Even if we aren't selling the painted version of something, we like to paint up a set to show off what it might look like on a tabletop.  Terrain, although bigger pieces, is generally easier and quicker to paint.  Miniatures take longer so tend to sit in the WIP pile a bit longer.

We were super lucky to meet up with a another local gamer, Josh Clayson,  who just loves to paint.  He is super talented and his attention to detail is awesome.  He is building up his portfolio and looking for commissions at the moment.  If you want to see his work and get in touch, check him out on instagram

He's just finished painted our set of skilled NPC character and we think he did an amazing job.