HereforGamesCon - Free Board Gaming Convention

So we have been a bit quiet on putting u p new products, because we have been working on painting a couple pf prize boxes we are donating to the  Hereford Board Gamers for their upcoming Board Games Convention 'Here For Games Con' on the 12th May.  We thought about doing a couple of demons but after some discussion thought a set of painted miniatures that could be used for either roleplaying in DnD or for tabletop games.  So we created 2 painted sets:

Hell and Undead. 

  • Hell has 10 cultists, a barbed demon and a carrion demon.
  • The Undead set has 10 skeletons, a mounted skeleton death knight and an undead bear.

Each set is worth around £125 and they have joined the increasing pile of amazing prizes available at the event. 

The event starts on Friday 12th to Sunday 14th May, at the Core CIC, Unit 31 Foley Trading Estate, Hereford HR1 2SF.  For more information on this free event, checkout the Hereford Board Gamers website.