Denizens of Hell - Miniatures for Fantasy gaming

We have been working a lot with Ill Gotten Games recently as we love their models, particularly the Kingdoms of Hell series.  We have just added the Barbed Champion to our products - he's great for a Boss or Hell Captain and stands about 50mm tall on a 40mm base.  

IGG Barbed Champ Scale

We are now working on some extra demons, the Nephilim and the Carrion Demon, so these should be up soon.  

Talking to one of our customers recently, he is building an army of doom creatures for a roleplaying game he is running - it helps so much more with immersion when you can add models (particularly monsters) to stomp on your heroes!

IGG Nephilim side unpaintedIGG carriondemon front unpainted

We are looking into doing a bundled 'Hell Box' - it will probably have a few demons, a ritual site, cultists and demon sworn at least.  We've also got some 'Hell Plants' which are all spiky and twisted which could work well too.  Watch this space for the new Box sets .

Happy Gaming :)