Bone Chilling Beastly Bugs

We have been printing quite a few creatures for our latest DnD campaign - as we are currently either tramping through the forest or floundering in the swamps we've needed some supporting monsters to attack us - Arthropods Assemble!   We now have a nice set of pretty big spiders to go with an even bigger giant spider, a giant scorpion and a giant centipede.  The centipede in particular was great fun to fight and sadly got the best of us.   We had a giant slug too which is a super cool model, but does have rather delicate feelers which keep snapping off, so we need to work out a way to print him to be a little more robust.

So if you are lost in the woods in your DnD campaign, or poking about in dusty caves and need some monster creepy crawlies to battle with, we can help you out, check out our spider and friends.

Thanks to the designers below for the great sculpts: 

  • Brite Minis - Giant Spider, Big Spider set
  • EC3D - Giant Scorpion, Giant Centipede


bugs on white

scenic bugs Cover 23