5x Cultist Characters (32mm)

Cultist Characters Duel
Cultist Characters Duel Cultist Characters Front Cultist Characters Back Cultist Characters Sword Cultist Characters Priest Cultist Characters Mace Cultist Characters Leader


PLEASE NOTE: All items are printed on demand, so there is a 5-7 day leadtime from purchase.

A set of 5 low cost UNPAINTED cultist character miniatures that are designed to fit with our poseable cultists.

Tags: 32mm  Demon  Unpainted


A set of 5 low cost UNPAINTED cultist character miniatures that are designed to fit with our poseable cultists.

These 28mm cultist characters are great to be used in sci-fi, historical, pulp or fantasy tabletop games or role playing games. These miniatures also work great as 28mm wraith miniatures (or 32mm wraith miniatures) if given a different paint scheme.

These miniatures would be a great, cheap option for:

  • Warhammer Miniatures
  • Kings of War Miniatures
  • D&D (dungeons and dragons) Miniatures
  • Lord of the Rings Miniatures
  • Ringwraith miniatures
  • Age of Sigmar Miniatures
  • Frostgrave Miniatures
  • Malifaux Miniatures
  • 40k Miniatures
  • Stargrave
  • Bolt Action
  • Rangers of Shadowdeep Miniatures


  • You are purchasing UNPAINTED items, unless otherwise stated.
  • These items are high resolution 3D prints (from a custom printing profile) using PLA.
  • These items are provided print on demand and have approximately 7-10 production time prior to shipping.
  • PLA is tough, lightweight (easy to carry around), safe (doesn't require cleaning like some resins) and biodegradeable (in the right conditions can be broken down and composted).
  • PLA is a bio-plastic made from starch or sugar and as such cannot be glued with liquid poly cement, but can be glued with superglue and painted with acrylic and enamel paints.
  • SCALE is measured from the bottom of the feet to the eye level (NOT the top of the head)
  • These items are printed by Headbunny Games and any supports will have been removed, so the exact item may vary slightly from the picture.
  • Items are supplied in a random colour when unpainted.
  • Items may have some minor defects (such as layer lines, small zits of filament or small areas of under extrusion/small holes) which should be able to be cleaned off with a sharp knife, a file or sandpaper.
  • Any other miniatures shown in the pictures to illustrate scale will not be included in the final sent items.
  • Unpainted items will be supplied un-assembled, some assembly may be required (using some form of glue, such as superglue).